Final Project Proposal due May 15, 2014


Please submit a written description of what you’d like to build for you final project for the class, accompanied by wireframes and/or diagrams to give us a better idea and to use as a starting point.

Keep in mind that you’ll be building this using what you know of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I don’t require you to lean heavily on all three for your projects. You may want to build a responsive site that has a heavy dose of CSS work but little or no JS. On the other hand, you may want to make a game that’s light on CSS, but will require a lot of JS logic. The important thing is that you pick something that you’re going to feel engaged working on, and motivated to build.

If you’re shooting too high, we’ll tell you, and ask that you cut back. We’d prefer this to having to ask you to challenge yourself more. Pick something that you want to do.


Your description need not be overly lengthy, but please try to provide us enough detail to understand your intentions. In general, I’d say these should be roughly 2 paragraphs, often accompanied by some bullet points.


I’m using this term very loosely. These can be some diagrams drawn by hand and scanned or photographed, they can be drawn on an iPad using Paper, you could even put them together with Keynote or Powerpoint, whatever works for you. The point is just to show what you’re thinking about making.