About Me Markup due April 7, 2014



Make a 2-page website about yourself. The first page should be about you, and the second page should be a résumé (or CV).

I recommend making a folder for this project, with two files in it, like so:


Give the folder your name instead of mine, but please stick to using lowercase and no spaces for the folder and file names. Instead of spaces, developers typically use either hyphens (-) or underscores (_).

Check out this example that we’ll be working on next week, and you’ll get the idea.

When you are finished, make a .zip of your project folder and upload it to the “Dropbox” for the assignment on Schoology. (Not to be confused with the Dropbox file sharing service.)


We didn’t discuss links in class, so here are some basics.

Let’s say we have a paragraph like so:

<p>Visit the General Assembly website.</p>

The word “website” looks like a good candidate to be a link. Let’s add it:

<p>Visit the General Assembly <a href="http://generalassemb.ly/">website</a>.</p>

Links use an a tag (for “anchor”) with an href attribute (for “hyper-reference” or something).

The href can be a full URL, as it is here, but it could also be a link to a neighboring location, without using a full URL. So, given the file structure above (where index.html and resume.html are in the same folder), we could have a link to the Résumé page by putting this somewhere in our index.html file:

<a href="resume.html">Résumé</a>

Likewise, we could put the following somewhere in our resume.html file:

<a href="index.html">About Me</a>

We’ll discuss all of this more on Monday.

Optional Reading & Viewing

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